As we have already discussed in class, Taylor Mali’s speech on what teachers make has mostly good intentions. However, there are a few things that, as an educator, he should reconsider. The first thing that comes to mind is when he makes his students silently sit in a lecture hall for forty minutes while he “teaches.” After being in the education program here in Regina, I can definitely say that education should no longer use the “dump truck” method – a way of teaching where the teacher dumps a great deal of information on the students and expects them to learn, remember, and execute tasks successfully with that information. It is important to have our students actively engaged with the material that is being taught. Teachers should have the students searching and inquiring. Also, I think that it is ridiculous to expect any age of students to have an attention span that is long enough to sit motionlessly and silently for that amount of time. Next he says that the students cannot work in groups. I think that, if used properly, group work can be very useful. There are all types of learners in the classroom. Therefore, it is important to create as many opportunities for them to be successful as possible. Every student is not an independent learner. After that,  he says the students are not allowed to ask questions. WHY NOT?  Questioning is one of the most important elements of learning. It allows clarification, connections, and deeper understanding. Questioning is a fantastic thing. Another way, that shows that Mali most likely grew up with traditional teachers and was successful with that type of teaching is when he speaks of repeating the correct spelling of a word “over and over and over again.” As we are learning in our teaching courses, repetition is not the most efficient way of learning. There is more than one way to memorize something and it is important for the students to recall that information as easily as possible. Some examples that may be more effective would be breaking the information into smaller pieces, visualizing, storytelling, creating acronyms, or acting. It is okay for learning to be fun and for teaching to be creative. Grow to be outside of the box. Although he had good intentions, Mali needs to take a better look at what he is saying and see if his words actually reflect his meaning.