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October 2015

Stretching Boundaries: Pre-internship Week Three

And the time continues to fly by! After finishing my third day at Walker School, I can definitely say that there is a lot to the teaching profession. Nevertheless, I still feel that it is the direction I want to continue. There will be frustrating times, I know, but it can be so rewarding working with children. They always have surprises for you.

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Creative Connections: Pre-internship Week Two

Well there is one more day under my belt! What a great day! Even though it was a little hectic at to start with, it turned out fine. The students began the day with some quiet reading time and took the rest of that period to showcase their talents and hobbies. It was a special day where students could show the rest of their class the things that they are good at or the things that are important to them. There were a variety of things that the students did. We had rock collections and acrobats to card tricks and music. What a talented class!

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Learning, Learning, and More Learning: Pre-internship Week One

What an inspirational day! I must say that my first day brought tears to my eyes… well actually it was the smell in the classroom after phys-ed class that did that. Besides that, the day was phenomenal and flew by. The day started with Matthew and I getting introduced to the class routines and what we could expect the rest of the semester to look like. Shannon Zanni, our cooperating teacher, was excited to have us teach alongside her and it was clear that we all would be able to work well together.

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Treaty Experiences

Before going to the treaty education workshop last week, I must say that the idea of teaching treaty education was somewhat of a daunting one. However, by the end of the second day I found myself thinking that teaching treaty education is not as difficult as I thought it would be and that it is something I look forward to teaching and learning about.

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