Well there is one more day under my belt! What a great day! Even though it was a little hectic at to start with, it turned out fine. The students began the day with some quiet reading time and took the rest of that period to showcase their talents and hobbies. It was a special day where students could show the rest of their class the things that they are good at or the things that are important to them. There were a variety of things that the students did. We had rock collections and acrobats to card tricks and music. What a talented class!

One of the most important lessons that I learned, was to be prepared for anything – or at least be flexible. While preparing for my lesson, I could not connect to the wifi. I needed to have an internet connection if I was going to teach. For most of the morning and part of lunch hour I was fighting with the computer to connect. Knowing that it might not work, I started to adapt my lesson to accommodate this. Luckily, with a little digging, the school’s secretary and I solved the problem. I could then teach my lesson as I originally had intended.

I feel that my lesson went over quite well with the students. The main idea of the lesson was based off of a challenge from an episode of Canada’s Smartest Person. The students had a word bank and had to use at least ten of those words to write a creative story. Although they were stuck for ideas at first, within five minutes the classroom was silent as they were madly writing to complete the challenge within the twenty minutes. The students had some pretty interesting stories and it was great to see that every student wanted to share with the class.

In the end, the day went quite well. I am more than thrilled to be working with the twenty four wonderful students who are in my class and with an excellent cooperating teacher. I couldn’t ask for better!