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November 2015

Roping Aspirations: Pre-internship Week Six

“Howdy y’all!” seemed to be the popular greeting at Walker this week. In the spirit of agribition, today everyone shined up their boots, dusted off their hats and dressed up for western day! It is really great to see all the school spirit the students have!

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Lighting Fires: Pre-internship Week Five

Another rewarding day at Walker School is now complete! Seeing the students after having last Wednesday off was quite exciting. It was so great that those relationships Mr. Leupold and I have been forming didn’t fade. It is even starting to feel like we have been every day!

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Adaptive Teaching: Pre-internship Week Four

Once again, it was another fabulous day! Now that I have been able to teach for the fourth time at Walker school, I can’t say how much I am getting excited to be teaching. I am finding that the more I do it, the easier it gets and the more comfortable I am doing it. Things are starting to flow smoothly and every day I leave wanting more!

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