“Howdy y’all!” seemed to be the popular greeting at Walker this week. In the spirit of agribition, today everyone shined up their boots, dusted off their hats and dressed up for western day! It is really great to see all the school spirit the students have!

Today, I was able to start the day off with my lovely group of grades sixes and sevens in the gym. It was great to see how enthusiastic the students were to be in the gym. In no time flat, they were changed up, warmed up, and sitting on the floor waiting for instructions. For that forty five minute block we looked at defensive strategies in basketball. It was interesting to see how those who maybe hold back in the classroom really do come alive when given the opportunity to be active. I always like to see the students become involved in what they are learning and use the strengths that they have. It was also interesting to compare how this lesson went today, compared to yesterday with my peers in our EPE class. What a total difference when students actually want to participate in phys-ed and are actively listening. Well done Walker students!

As the day went on, there became less and less students and the room grew quieter and quieter. Most of the grade sevens went to band at Martin School so the last couple hours were work periods for the students. During this time, some of the students were doing their math unit review. It was really awesome to see that they still understood what I taught them last week and that they were able to use that further on in the unit! There were even students that came up to me and asked if I could teach math again because they really enjoyed it. It is quite grand when your students pay you a complement like that! Those are the moments that make this profession worthwhile!

Once again, it was a phenomenal day! Whether in the gym or in the classroom, these students are exceptional! They are such a joy to teach and I am looking forward to seeing them again next week. One week left!