Building a well-structured and meaningful lesson is definitely a skill that a teacher will have to have in order to teach effectively. It takes work, practice, and patience to acquire that skill. In our ECS class Emma, Sheena, and I looked at a lesson that could use some improvement and made some changes to it…hopefully for the better.

The first thing we did was modified the indicator because we felt that we could focus the lesson better once that was done. From that we built essential questions that would be the main focus of the lesson – “What are the regions that cover Canada?”, “How does each region impact the climate within Canada?”, and “Can the environment affect the lives of people living in Canada?” Revolving around those essential questions students research the answers to those questions specific to the area of Canada they were assigned. They then create a presentation and share it with the class.

Overall, I believe that the more we practice making lesson plans, teaching those lessons, and reflecting on them, we will be able to become better lesson creators.

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