And that’s a wrap! Wow! It is unbelievable how fast the weeks have flown by! Eight weeks have come and gone and I have learnt and experienced so much. Working with these twenty four students at Walker school has been a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better class!

Today I started the day off by teaching the grade six and seven students an arts-ed lesson. Because it was my last time teaching them before their break for Christmas, I had the lesson centralized around the winter holidays. For this, they were able to connect with objects that represented identity and place and show them in the form of visual art. As the students finished up their sketches20151202_095306[1]s of their design or image, they dove into the cookie bin and started decorating.  As students talked about the images they were creating, it was interesting to hear the different personal stories emerging. It was also a great way to find out more about the traditions that the students do during the holidays. As well, because everyone loves food, this had the usually disengaged students participating eagerly. With cookies, icing, and sprinkles as a medium, the class became a sticky mess! Nevertheless, it turned out to be a memorable lesson that was fun, tasty, and meaningful!

As the day carried on, the sugar wore off and the students became a little quieter…well not that much. The grade six students stayed and worked on math but the grade sevens thinned out quite a bit. Because it was a day 2, three of the grade sixes went to band in the morning. However, now that it was afternoon, a lot more of the grade sevens left for their band rehearsal at Martin school. Fortunately, I was able join them! It was amazing to hear the difference in the students’ performances from the last time that I was with them. When we returned, there were a few minutes to do some final cookie decorating. The grade sixes, that missed out on the morning fun while they were in band, could now make their cookies. This was a meaningful time because it allowed me to speak and listen more closely with a small group of individuals and get to know them better.

Now that it is all over for this semester, I have to say I am walking away with more experience and a lot more excitement for teaching. The experiences have always been positive and encouraging and I cannot wait until my three week block next semester!