For the last two weeks, I have been able to work with two grade nine phys-ed classes over at Martin Collegiate. During that time, I led several square dance workshops…yes I said square dance! But its NOT what you think. The square dancing that I was teaching, much to their surprise, had current music and was entertaining!

As the students came into the gym, it was evident that there were a lot of mixed feelings about the activity they were going to be trying. The first group that I started working with, got into it right away. They were very enthusiastic and were having a lot of fun. However, the second group was a different story…or so I thought. There was very little excitement and it felt like I was doing everything I could to get them to at least keep a smile on their face. How could it go from one group being so excited to the other being so not excited?

_MG_9964.JPGOnce the first week of workshops finished, I talked with their teacher about how it went. To my surprise, the way the second group appeared to be feeling wasn’t as much of a letdown as I had thought. It turned out that those students hardly ever participate during phys-ed and I managed to have them warmed up enough that some of them took their coats off. Each student was fully active for a whole hour. That, I am told, is a rare occasion.

After working with both groups a while, I got to know more about how the students participate and how they actually feel about phys-ed. This was necessary, especially for the second group. It was extremely important to teach to those students as well as the ones who wanted to be there. As a result, I was able to boost everyone’s spirits and bring them to a level of enjoyment close to those in the first group.

It was a great teaching experience both because I was able to be a teacher again as well as share one of my passions. I would definitely do it again!