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March 2016

Making Progress – Three Week Block – Days Six to Thirteen

And that’s a wrap! Wow, it is amazing how fast these three weeks have flown by. It can’t believe that my time in the classroom for this year is done, but I guess when you are busy and having fun, time does fly! Continue reading “Making Progress – Three Week Block – Days Six to Thirteen”


Teacher Lessons – Three Week Block – Days One to Five

Well the first five day have gone really well! Not to mention, they flew by! Starting my health unit has been quite interesting. Our main focus has been learning about HIV and Hepatitis C through a research project and the students have been fantastic with this topic. Continue reading “Teacher Lessons – Three Week Block – Days One to Five”

Ernie Kubasa and the Cabbage Roll Kids

Hello everyone, unfortunately this week’s blog post is going to have to be on a sad note. Continue reading “Ernie Kubasa and the Cabbage Roll Kids”

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