Hello everyone, unfortunately this week’s blog post is going to have to be on a sad note.

Today I was told that I will no longer be able to see a person that I hold very close to my heart. Looking back, I realize that he was one of the first people to ignite that fire within me to play music. Ernie started working in my school as an EA when I first met him in about grade two or three. He became everybody’s friend and was the type of person would love you unconditionally, no matter what kind of student you were. My first memory that I have of Ernie, is when he put a group of us students together at lunch time and we became a band. We were called “Ernie Kubasa and the Cabbage Roll Kids.” The next time I met Ernie became a turning point in my life. At the end of grade eight, I started to gain interest in music (up until then, I didn’t really care because I hadn’t discovered my talent yet) and was looking for a better fiddle to play because mine was a cheap beginner version. Through a conversation, Ernie found this out and gave me one that he had been fixing up. This fiddle was a priceless gift and it is the one that I use and take with me everywhere I go. After this, life became busy as I entered high school and then university. Time slipped away and I didn’t get see Ernie much after that, but he remained a good friend and always will be.

I know that we, as teachers, are going to have tons of things to do. Work will be piled high and the lists will be miles long. Our jobs are extremely important because we will be trying to reach and inspire as many students as possible whether its through the curriculum or our relationships. As always, we want to be successful, but we mustn’t forget to take time for ourselves and the other people in our lives. Teaching may be a passion, but it is not the be all and end all. Family and friends are the people we love and are loved by, so we need to be there for them just as they are for us. So if you haven’t, call up a friend you haven’t talked to in a while and say hi. Take the time to catch up.