Well the first five day have gone really well! Not to mention, they flew by! Starting my health unit has been quite interesting. Our main focus has been learning about HIV and Hepatitis C through a research project and the students have been fantastic with this topic. For this, they were able to work with different resources, evaluate them for their credibility, and then use that information to make an advertisement about the infectious disease. Because this is a research project and I have been in the classroom every day, it has been a great experience to see how the lessons and learning progresses. I am finding a big difference between the once a week lessons and the once a day lessons. There are many more things to consider when teaching every day. These are some of the things I am finding:

  • The planning happens differently. Students work at different paces. So, knowing when to give more time and when to move on is something I am learning as a teacher.
  • Student attendance changes every day. You can’t expect every student to be at school all the time. As a result, when you teach every day, you have to find a way to catch them up with the work they missed.
  • How relationships form changes as well. When you are working with the children on a daily basis, you get to see the relationships progress and personalities emerge a lot more quickly.
  • The students’ attitudes and behaviors change with the teacher’s teaching styles. They become more relaxed when the teacher is more relaxed and visa versa. I would also say that this affects their engagement with the learning material.

These are some of the bigger learning experiences I have been living over the past five days. There are many more but these are the ones I thought I would share. Can’t wait for the rest!