Even though education week is coming to an end over here at Irwin School, you can still feel the excitement and enthusiasm that has built up over the past few days. The week started off with different grades buddying up to make a banner that will eventually be put together as a whole school banner revolving around literacy. This was a neat activity as the grade eights were able to work with grade twos. It was fascinating to watch older kids move from being who grade eights are to mature role models and leaders. The dynamic of the class completely changed!

If you came into the building on Tuesday morning, you would have been greeted by the smell of toast – and no, that doesn’t mean you would have been having a stroke. That’s burnt toast. 🙂 For those that wanted a little extra boost to start their day, they could come and grab a slice of toast to eat!

Wednesday was the day that we were able to pause for while and take some time to read as a whole school. Although this may not seem like it is that exciting of an activity, it turned out to be a pivotal moment for me as a reader. The division’s push for literacy has even got me thinking about a next read list….something that i have never done before!

Education week wrapped up with a mystifying and spectacular magic show called “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” The students “oooed” and “ahhed” as they watched the sorcerer’s tricks unfold before their eyes. Along with that, the apprentice’s fumbling and misfortune brought us all to tears of laughter.

What a great week filled with experiences!