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January 2017

Conflicts of Interest

Now that I have done some thinking around the results in my last post, It’s a Setup, I feel that there is one part I need to talk more about in terms of my research and what I actually learned from experimenting.

Continue reading “Conflicts of Interest”


To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Prior to coming to university, I would say that I wasn’t really a twitter guy. If I compare where I was when I created my account to where I am now, I learned a little bit but still have a ways to go. Continue reading “To Tweet or not to Tweet?”

It’s a Setup!

After watching a tutorial on shading wood with stain, I decided that I still had a bit of my own homework to do first, before I even attempt to make an image on wood. Continue reading “It’s a Setup!”

The Charm of Maria Elena

Okay! Here I finally go! As most of you already know music has been a major part of my life for some time now. However, the new and exciting part of this is the fact that I get to actually fit that directly into my learning here at university! Continue reading “The Charm of Maria Elena”

Shady Beginnings

Alright! We are finally off to the races! After winning a great debate, with myself, which lasted at least a week, I have finally decided what I should do for my learning project! Continue reading “Shady Beginnings”

A Swift Blast

Hey Everyone! Just a little update about me and what I am up to this semester in terms of technology in the classroom… Continue reading “A Swift Blast”

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