Hey Everyone! Just a little update about me and what I am up to this semester in terms of technology in the classroom…

I am so excited that this is my final semester before I graduate and cannot wait to get out there at do some more teaching. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to come back to university and see friends and classmates, but it really is hard to leave the classroom once you spent four months in one. Speaking of which and as I have mentioned in earlier posts, I was able to do my internship in Swift Current. It was a blast!

While I was there, I was able to use a few forms of technology. The Chromebooks were amazing. Compared to the older PCs that the school had, these we lightning speed. It took no time for the students to get logged on and start working. Also, all of their work was there and they didn’t have to worry about it not saving it or losing it. Google drive and docs is great that way! With the Chromebooks I was also able to use google classroom, which I found

Photo from Flickr by François Jourde

to be another great teaching tool. Here you could make your own worksheets, tests, and surveys, see where each student is at, and comment on their work. All this without hurting any trees!
As well, I was able to use Plickers which is a great way to do some formative assessment. Questions are projected on the screen, the students hold up there scan card, and you scan the students responses with your smartphone. It really is simple; however, students get REALLY excited about this and like to share the answers. So, you have to watch for that!

I sometimes feel that people are a little apprehensive to let children direct their own learning using technology because there is that worry that students will find something they are not supposed to. I agree, but there is a chance of that happening using offline resources as well. It happens. When I was doing my pre-internship and a unit on infectious diseases, I found that most students would find a different resource if the one they were viewing made them uncomfortable, or they would just ask me or another teacher if it was okay to be reading that. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big issue. Just make sure to discuss the safety concerns as a class.

In terms of blogging, I think its is a great way to create a positive and professional online presence and I find it kind of fun at the same time. It lets people know what you are up to and when you take the time and make it look good, it gives you a sense of accomplishment – especially when creating a blog is new to you! It makes it even more worth while when people start to recognize this along with what you are saying and doing and start following you because of it. It’s no longer feels like you are talking to a wall 😛

Well I think that it is it for now and if you want to give me a follow on twitter that would tweet too. I am taking a stab at trying to master that as well!