Okay! Here I finally go! As most of you already know music has been a major part of my life for some time now. However, the new and exciting part of this is the fact that I get to actually fit that directly into my learning here at university! I mean, there have been times that I have been able to tap into my knowledge of music for a class or two, but that has been very minimally. I have never actually been able to express my music side, who I am, until now.

In my EMUS 202 class we have started working on our own personal learning projects which is designing a guitar curriculum that is tailored to us as individuals. This means that no matter where we are at with the guitar, what we know about it, or what we can do with it, we get to further grow our own personal skills as guitarists.

For me, my life as a guitar player solely existed within the first three frets. As someone who only ever had to play rhythm as backup the odd time, I just learned the basic chord structures and keys. I never had to really learn anything else because most of the old country songs I played consisted of different combinations of three or four chords that exist within the basic keys like D, G, A, E, and sometimes C or F. All of the chords for these keys can be played within the first three frets, except the Bb chord formation I know. That is just an F chord moved up the fret board. So the fact that I know a few chords, although basic, and already have some experience playing rhythm is what led me to decide what I wanted my project to be. I am going to learn to play some lead!

At first I was thinking about learning to finger pick the song Acoustic Sunrise but by looking into it more and attempting to play the TAB, I soon realized that it was beyond my skill level for right now. So after thinking for a while, I remembered that one of my music buddies showed me a sweet sounding Spanish song called Maria Elena. I feel like it’s a good choice because the main melody is simple enough to learn so that it feels like you are still making progress while learning to play it, but it also has some quick runs in there that keep it a challenge as well. I am super pumped to see how this progresses!

Featured Image – Photo Credit: coelho23 Flickr via Compfight cc