Wow, how time slips away as things start to get busy! I cannot believe it! With that being said, it’s about time that I start writing more about my personal learning project for my EMUS 202 class so that you get to see how things are evolving on the guitar!

Photo Credit: Obalesque

Maria Elena has become the centerpiece of in my learning and this means my playing is starting to sound like a stuck record. It is the same thing over, over, over, and over again. Then I add a little more and the process repeats. I think that my lovely little roommate is about ready to take my guitar and go El Kabong!

I have never played lead before or really concentrated on playing any form of melody, so I have broken the song down into little sections and learned to play it one part at a time. I have been doing this by using Ultimate Guitars’s Tab Pro site. I am finding that it works well for this because it has a loop function as well as a speed control – great for learning a new song!

This recording is after about two weeks of playing along with the song on Tab Pro and it is coming together not too badly. There are a few parts that are still a little messy and it drives me crazy to post something that isn’t perfect. But then again, if it was 100% clean, how could I show the learning process that is taking place? For the most part, the song has a fairly straight forward melody, but oh my goodness, some of those runs! It seems like my fingers get wrapped up in the strings every time! However, I do think that my musical background helps with finding and playing those notes a lot quicker. Those fiddlin’ fingers come in handy!

After playing the guitar continuously for these two weeks, I have noticed that I have become a lot more familiar with the guitar as well. When I first started looking at the TAB and when it said play the 9th fret, I had no idea which one that was. I literally had to count from the first fret – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Now, I figured out the little white dots on the fret board and use those as a guide to where I need to put my fingers. The 16th fret doesn’t seem so far away now!

Overall, I am starting to see the value of this project in terms of student-based learning projects. It feels great to have homework that is enjoyable and bona fide!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Captured Heart Flickr via Compfight cc