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March 2017

Adios – Final Reflection

Hello folks! So, it has finally come to that time and I really cannot believe it. Time has flown by so fast and now I must wrap things up.  In all honesty, it makes me sad to say that my guitar project is coming to an end in terms of it fitting into my time here at university in EMUS 202. But do not worry, for there is more learning to come! Continue reading “Adios – Final Reflection”


Fly Away With Storybird

Okay! So my blog post this go around gets to be free choice, as long as it is related to technology in education in some way. After a bit of searching around on the internet, I remembered an online tool that I wanted to use during my internship, but I just did not get a chance to. Continue reading “Fly Away With Storybird”

Granny’s Rose

Hello all my blog followers! So this week I have taken my learning project for ECMP355 to the next level! I felt like after my last post, it was time to challenge myself and see what I could do with the skills I have gained related to shading with stain.  Continue reading “Granny’s Rose”

Recordings from the Garage Mahal

Alright! It is hard to believe that the semester is already starting to wind down and that means, it is time that my guitar project starts wrapping up too. Man, time flies when you are having fun! And speaking of fun, the last couple of days that I have spent working on my project have been an absolute blast! Continue reading “Recordings from the Garage Mahal”

Two Half-Steps Down

Hey Everyone! So this post is not directly related to the song I am learning for my guitar learning project in EMUS 202; however, I find that this is a really handy tip to know when learning new songs on the guitar or any other instrument for that matter! Continue reading “Two Half-Steps Down”

Is there an Elephant in the Room?

Holy! Some how, with all the busyness with classes, assignments, and Winter Break I totally missed writing one of my weekly blog posts about digital citizenship. With that being said, I better share with you what I have been thinking about!

Continue reading “Is there an Elephant in the Room?”

It Ain’t Gonna Grain No More!

Well isn’t this exciting?! Things have really started to take a turn for the better! After taking some time and doing a little reading, I sat down and did something that I am finally proud of in terms of my shading with stain learning project!

Continue reading “It Ain’t Gonna Grain No More!”

Shall WeVideo?

Well, here we go with another blog post for ECMP 355! This week we had the opportunity to explore some apps and other forms of technology which could be used in the classroom. Picking just one thing to look into, where I had time to invest in it and that I had never used before, was kind of a challenge. However, I did manage to find something!

Continue reading “Shall WeVideo?”

TAB-e Determined

Hey! Now that I have had the chance to work with Maria Elena a little more, and really get a sense for how this song feels and where the melody goes, I think it is time I start talking a little more about the resources I have been using during this project. Continue reading “TAB-e Determined”

Spruced-Up Recording

Hey Everyone! So I though I would put a different spin on this week’s post and let you see my project in progress. This means that I got to test out my video editing skills as well as my shading with stain techniques! Continue reading “Spruced-Up Recording”

Mock Conversation

Hey everyone, this week’s post for ECMP355 is a mock conversation between a teacher and a parent who is concerned about Twitter being part of the classroom. Continue reading “Mock Conversation”

The Bleeding Tiger

Well, winter break has come and gone and it’s time to write about what I have been up to in terms of my learning project for ECMP355! I must say that going home to work on my project has inspired some creativeness in me…oh how I have missed being in my workshop for my woodworking projects!

Continue reading “The Bleeding Tiger”

What’s Your Story?

“No one heals himself by wounding another” ~ St. Ambrose

After watching the documentary on Amanda Todd, reading about her court case, and hearing her mom talk about the experience (video below ~14:19), I think this idea is what keeps coming to mind. You can’t treat other people poorly just because you don’t feel good about yourself and causing someone else pain is not a cure for your own problems.  Continue reading “What’s Your Story?”

Knotted Fingers and Repetitious Recordings

Hey guys! Well I think it’s that time again! I must say if I thought my fingers hurt the last time I put together a blog post for my guitar learning project, I was completely wrong! This go around I tired doing something a little different – doing two parts all at once, one part at a time.

Continue reading “Knotted Fingers and Repetitious Recordings”

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