Hey Everyone! So I though I would put a different spin on this week’s post and let you see my project in progress. This means that I got to test out my video editing skills as well as my shading with stain techniques!

I needed a way to mount my phone to record the video. Thank goodness for tape and a desk lamp!

It is amazing how long it takes to do something like this, but when you are picky like I am, it’s no wonder. It actually took me longer to do the editing of this 3 minute video than to do the actual project. But no worries, with a little creativity and a lot of patience, I got it done!

Now that I know that you need to the let the wood conditioner cure longer than it says in the directions, the cleanness of my stain lines improved quite significantly. However while doing this, I learned that I really need to pay attention to the amount of stain I have on the brush. It’s important to dab the stain off the brush on the rim of the can so that when you start to apply it, you don’t get a big drop of stain on the wood. Not doing this leads to more bleeding/running, which you don’t want. Once I realized this, my stain application started to look a lot better.

Keep in mind that this video was created mostly for instructional purposes. This means that the final product I ended up with is not the most polished of versions I could have finished with. As they say ~ It was quick and dirty.

Featured Image Photo Credit: jerryoldenettel Flickr via Compfight cc