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April 2017

Summary of Learning

And that’s a wrap! Well actually… it is more to the tune of an old country song called Ghost Riders in the Sky! For my final project, Summary of Learning, I decided to attempt combining my music skills with what I learned in ECMP 355! Continue reading “Summary of Learning”


Move the Conversation Forward

Throughout society, we see different aspects of technology like social media, smartphones, and selfies being used for what appears to be a steady pursuit for attention. It is like a competition has been created where users are forever trying to be on top with the most  likes, shares, followers, views, etc. Seeing this occurring on a daily basis causes some major concerns when considering whether or not we can actually use technology to positively impact the world around us. Continue reading “Move the Conversation Forward”

Contributing to the Learning of Others

Hey Everyone! Over the past few months I have had many opportunities to contribute to the learning of others. I actually found it quite surprising to see how quickly professional and personal learning networks can be established and it really is enjoyable sharing/discussing information and resources over a number of platforms. Continue reading “Contributing to the Learning of Others”

Tick Tock on the Block

Well, it is crazy to say that my fourth year is pretty much at its end with only a few more loose ends to tie up! That being said, here is another blog post about my ECMP 355 learning project…and lets just say, this one had to be done in a somewhat timely fashion. Continue reading “Tick Tock on the Block”


Alright! This past week has been a busy one, and boy has it gone by fast! With that in mind, I thought that I better get busy and tell you what I have been up to in ECMP 355. Oh, and I wouldn’t say that it has caused me to go bananas..but perhaps I am now addicted to them!? Continue reading “[Opperation.Code.Monkey]”

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