Hey Everyone! Over the past few months I have had many opportunities to contribute to the learning of others. I actually found it quite surprising to see how quickly professional and personal learning networks can be established and it really is enjoyable sharing/discussing information and resources over a number of platforms.


Looking back, I would say the most frequent way that I contributed to the learning of others was probably through WordPress. There are a number of ways that I did this.

  • Commenting on the blogs of other people in ECMP –  Here is a slideshow showing some of the comments I have left. This is by no means all of them because if I did that, I would be screenshotting for hours!

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  • Helping others with blogging and WordPress – Over the course of the semester, there have been times where I ran into students who are newer to the world of blogging. Luckily, I have been able to help them add things to their posts to make them more tech/media infused! This includes embedding videos, tweets, and polls. See Kaytlyn Placatka‘s post, A Single Story for a great example!
  • Sharing information with other classes – I have also been able to share information in other classes using my newly acquired tech skills. An example of this is in my blog post called Two Half-Steps Down where I used Screencastify, Audacity, and a YouTube video converter to change the key of a song. This was for those participating in the guitar project in my EMUS 202 class.


Lets just say that when I first starting twitter, I was pretty much an egg head. I hardly knew anything about using twitter, never mind using it to contribute to the learning of others.

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So, it is without a doubt that I started the tweeting process with some hesitation. To my surprise, I actually started enjoying the professional community feeling that was created as I started following others and others started following me. When I started, I followed around ten people and had about seven followers – not that great. However, as time went on, I started making more connections via Twitter and now follow 113 people and have 79 follows. I know that really isn’t that many compared to those who are super Twitter enthusiasts, but I think it is still a pretty great start!  I even reached my goal to have over 100 tweets by the end of the semester!

In terms of contributing to the learning of others using Twitter, I did so in several ways. Again, these are just a few examples. I have not included a screenshot of every tweet I made, but if you would like to see more, visit my profile on Twitter – @BradSlepicka.

  • Original Tweets – Sharing resources that related to the course content in some way or other useful teaching tips and materials.

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  • Interactive Tweets – I also used twitter to support and interact with others by retweeting or responding to things that others have shared. This includes #SaskEdChat!

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Google +

Our Google + community was another platform that I used, at least a little, to add to the ECMP learning community. I did this by both responding and asking questions within the forum.

Overall, I must say that building my professional learning network this semester has been a really great experience! I feel that I have benefited both from the resources I found and shared as well as from others who have shared their resources with me. It was a pleasure learning from you all!

Featured Image Photo Credit: westpark Flickr via Compfight cc