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January 2018


Hey guys! This week I took my playing and musical tastes in a completely different direction in terms of what I usually choose as repertoire. I actually played something from this decade!

Continue reading “#HavanaOohNaNa”


(Un)Listenable Evidence

Alright! Now that I have talked about some of the more fundamental skills that I have been working on in my earlier post, Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes, I am going to let you hear what that sounds like! Continue reading “(Un)Listenable Evidence”

Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes

So what do all three of those things have in common? The answer is quite a bit actually, when you are considering what your hands should be doing while you are playing the cello! Continue reading “Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes”

Yo-Yo Minus Ma

Alright, alright, alright… If you don’t get the joke in the title, I’ll explain it!

As most of you know by now, for my EMUS 499 project I have chosen to take up the cello and perhaps become the next world famous cellist, like Yo-Yo Ma. Inevitability, I will live up to two thirds of his name, and just be a Yo-Yo. But what can I say, it’s worth a shot! Continue reading “Yo-Yo Minus Ma”

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