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Slur of the Notes

Aye! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Now, I know that St. Patrick’s day is quite near, but don’t  you worry. When I talk about slurring in this week’s post, I am not referring to the way you start talking after a little too much celebration at the pub! Continue reading “Slur of the Notes”


Up Bow, Down Bow, Don’t Know

Hey there! It’s that time of the week again! I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for the next update on my cello project; so, here we go with more bow talk. Continue reading “Up Bow, Down Bow, Don’t Know”

Keep Calm & Cello On

Well people, I am finally back! I am sure that most of you have noticed I was missing in action last week. It turns out that it was Winter Break here at the U of R; however, I am not entirely sure it was much of a break due to some serious technical difficulties. So, you will get a two for one deal with this week’s post! Continue reading “Keep Calm & Cello On”

Shifty Business

Hello fellow blog followers! We are back for another week here in cello world and sheesh, it has been quite the week indeed. You definitely start to find out you are a true cello nerd when you still manage to fit in all your practice time in even though you have three mid-terms and an assignment due! Continue reading “Shifty Business”

Picked and Bowed

So what happens when a beginner cellist gets together to play with an astounding guitarist? That is a great question! In this week’s case, you end up firing the canned piano player and getting a completely live version of Blackbird by The Beatles. Continue reading “Picked and Bowed”

Now or Never

Hi all! I am sure some of you have been wondering what I have been up to on the cello this week. If so, you are in luck! However, this week’s post will look at it from a slightly different angle and talk about some of my thoughts and feelings towards this whole process.

Continue reading “Now or Never”


Hey guys! This week I took my playing and musical tastes in a completely different direction in terms of what I usually choose as repertoire. I actually played something from this decade!

Continue reading “#HavanaOohNaNa”

(Un)Listenable Evidence

Alright! Now that I have talked about some of the more fundamental skills that I have been working on in my earlier post, Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes, I am going to let you hear what that sounds like! Continue reading “(Un)Listenable Evidence”

Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes

So what do all three of those things have in common? The answer is quite a bit actually, when you are considering what your hands should be doing while you are playing the cello! Continue reading “Kermit, Zombies, and Grapes”

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