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ECS 301

IMovie Presentation

Hey all! Here is the link to the presentation on Imovie that Jen, April, Amy, Rehana, and I did for ECS 301.


Educational Experiences in a Museum

Taking a group of students on a field trip can be a daunting task. As a result, planning to create an effective lesson revolved around the learning experience is often pushed aside. It is hard enough as it is to keep track of a group of middle years students outside of the school, and when you place other responsibilities on top of that, something has to give. I find that teachers have so much to do as it is. Taking the students on a field trip can be a way for the students to still be “learning” something but it gives the teacher a bit of a break from having to teach the students directly. Continue reading “Educational Experiences in a Museum”

Smart Cookies: Pre-internship Week Seven

And that’s a wrap! Wow! It is unbelievable how fast the weeks have flown by! Eight weeks have come and gone and I have learnt and experienced so much. Working with these twenty four students at Walker school has been a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better class!

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Rebuilding Lessons

Building a well-structured and meaningful lesson is definitely a skill that a teacher will have to have in order to teach effectively. It takes work, practice, and patience to acquire that skill. In our ECS class Emma, Sheena, and I looked at a lesson that could use some improvement and made some changes to it…hopefully for the better.

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Roping Aspirations: Pre-internship Week Six

“Howdy y’all!” seemed to be the popular greeting at Walker this week. In the spirit of agribition, today everyone shined up their boots, dusted off their hats and dressed up for western day! It is really great to see all the school spirit the students have!

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Lighting Fires: Pre-internship Week Five

Another rewarding day at Walker School is now complete! Seeing the students after having last Wednesday off was quite exciting. It was so great that those relationships Mr. Leupold and I have been forming didn’t fade. It is even starting to feel like we have been every day!

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Adaptive Teaching: Pre-internship Week Four

Once again, it was another fabulous day! Now that I have been able to teach for the fourth time at Walker school, I can’t say how much I am getting excited to be teaching. I am finding that the more I do it, the easier it gets and the more comfortable I am doing it. Things are starting to flow smoothly and every day I leave wanting more!

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Stretching Boundaries: Pre-internship Week Three

And the time continues to fly by! After finishing my third day at Walker School, I can definitely say that there is a lot to the teaching profession. Nevertheless, I still feel that it is the direction I want to continue. There will be frustrating times, I know, but it can be so rewarding working with children. They always have surprises for you.

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Creative Connections: Pre-internship Week Two

Well there is one more day under my belt! What a great day! Even though it was a little hectic at to start with, it turned out fine. The students began the day with some quiet reading time and took the rest of that period to showcase their talents and hobbies. It was a special day where students could show the rest of their class the things that they are good at or the things that are important to them. There were a variety of things that the students did. We had rock collections and acrobats to card tricks and music. What a talented class!

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Learning, Learning, and More Learning: Pre-internship Week One

What an inspirational day! I must say that my first day brought tears to my eyes… well actually it was the smell in the classroom after phys-ed class that did that. Besides that, the day was phenomenal and flew by. The day started with Matthew and I getting introduced to the class routines and what we could expect the rest of the semester to look like. Shannon Zanni, our cooperating teacher, was excited to have us teach alongside her and it was clear that we all would be able to work well together.

Continue reading “Learning, Learning, and More Learning: Pre-internship Week One”

Treaty Experiences

Before going to the treaty education workshop last week, I must say that the idea of teaching treaty education was somewhat of a daunting one. However, by the end of the second day I found myself thinking that teaching treaty education is not as difficult as I thought it would be and that it is something I look forward to teaching and learning about.

Continue reading “Treaty Experiences”

Health Outcomes

What does the outcome mean?

  • Look at your eating habits, the foods you eat, and evaluate the healthiness of your choices.

What are three activities that could help students understand this outcome? Continue reading “Health Outcomes”

Mostly Good Intentions

As we have already discussed in class, Taylor Mali’s speech on what teachers make has mostly good intentions. However, there are a few things that, as an educator, he should reconsider. Continue reading “Mostly Good Intentions”

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