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ECS 311

I Believe Statements

Now that I have been in the education program for just about four full years and had some experience teaching, I can definitely see that my beliefs and ideas about education have changed. So I thought I would put together a list of I believe statements!  Continue reading “I Believe Statements”


Teaching Across the Divide

Looking back at my school experiences as a student, I would have to say that I had never been a part of a split grade class or had ever heard of them for that matter. So naturally, this was something I was excited to learn about! Continue reading “Teaching Across the Divide”

Making Progress – Three Week Block – Days Six to Thirteen

And that’s a wrap! Wow, it is amazing how fast these three weeks have flown by. It can’t believe that my time in the classroom for this year is done, but I guess when you are busy and having fun, time does fly! Continue reading “Making Progress – Three Week Block – Days Six to Thirteen”

Teacher Lessons – Three Week Block – Days One to Five

Well the first five day have gone really well! Not to mention, they flew by! Starting my health unit has been quite interesting. Our main focus has been learning about HIV and Hepatitis C through a research project and the students have been fantastic with this topic. Continue reading “Teacher Lessons – Three Week Block – Days One to Five”

Ernie Kubasa and the Cabbage Roll Kids

Hello everyone, unfortunately this week’s blog post is going to have to be on a sad note. Continue reading “Ernie Kubasa and the Cabbage Roll Kids”

Democratic Learning

Hey everyone,

This weeks post is more of a follow up on one of my previous posts about technology in the classroom. I watched this video a while back when I was cruising through YouTube and yesterday I came across it again. I just wanted to share it with you because I feel that what is being said really relates to the way that I would like to teach eventually.

Continue reading “Democratic Learning”

Formative Assessment Ideas

Just thought I would share some formative assessment strategies for this week. I think that they would be easy to use and would be a little different from the typical “thumbs up, thumbs down” type of strategies!

Continue reading “Formative Assessment Ideas”

Dance Till You Drop!

For the last two weeks, I have been able to work with two grade nine phys-ed classes over at Martin Collegiate. During that time, I led several square dance workshops…yes I said square dance! But its NOT what you think. The square dancing that I was teaching, much to their surprise, had current music and was entertaining!

Continue reading “Dance Till You Drop!”

Perspective Technologies

While driving last week, I was listening to the radio and I heard an interesting story on the effects of technology on today’s Youth…or it was at least the persons opinion on how technology affects the younger generation. As you can guess, it was the typical story: technology is destroying the minds of children and pretty soon they won’t be able to think for themselves. Technology should be removed from the classroom.

Continue reading “Perspective Technologies”

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