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EMUS 202

Adios – Final Reflection

Hello folks! So, it has finally come to that time and I really cannot believe it. Time has flown by so fast and now I must wrap things up.  In all honesty, it makes me sad to say that my guitar project is coming to an end in terms of it fitting into my time here at university in EMUS 202. But do not worry, for there is more learning to come! Continue reading “Adios – Final Reflection”


Recordings from the Garage Mahal

Alright! It is hard to believe that the semester is already starting to wind down and that means, it is time that my guitar project starts wrapping up too. Man, time flies when you are having fun! And speaking of fun, the last couple of days that I have spent working on my project have been an absolute blast! Continue reading “Recordings from the Garage Mahal”

Two Half-Steps Down

Hey Everyone! So this post is not directly related to the song I am learning for my guitar learning project in EMUS202; HOWEVER, I find that this is a really handy tip to know when learning new songs on the guitar or any other instrument for that matter! Continue reading “Two Half-Steps Down”

TAB-e Determined

Hey! Now that I have had the chance to work with Maria Elena a little more, and really get a sense for how this song feels and where the melody goes, I think it is time I start talking a little more about the resources I have been using during this project. Continue reading “TAB-e Determined”

Knotted Fingers and Repetitious Recordings

Hey guys! Well I think it’s that time again! I must say if I thought my fingers hurt the last time I put together a blog post for my guitar learning project, I was completely wrong! This go around I tired doing something a little different – doing two parts all at once, one part at a time.

Continue reading “Knotted Fingers and Repetitious Recordings”

Just Like A Stuck Record

Wow, how time slips away as things start to get busy! I cannot believe it! With that being said, it’s about time that I start writing more about my personal learning project for my EMUS 202 class so that you get to see how things are evolving on the guitar!

Continue reading “Just Like A Stuck Record”

Don’t Fret it! It’s Nut Your Fault!

Hey everyone! So now that I have had some inspiration to pick up the guitar and do something useful with, I definitely know that  learning Maria Elena, and the skills associated with that song, is what I want to learn, but I think I have a little work to do first!

Continue reading “Don’t Fret it! It’s Nut Your Fault!”

The Charm of Maria Elena

Okay! Here I finally go! As most of you already know music has been a major part of my life for some time now. However, the new and exciting part of this is the fact that I get to actually fit that directly into my learning here at university! Continue reading “The Charm of Maria Elena”

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