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Tick Tock on the Block

Well, it is crazy to say that my fourth year is pretty much at its end with only a few more loose ends to tie up! That being said, here is another blog post about my ECMP 355 learning project…and lets just say, this one had to be done in a somewhat timely fashion. Continue reading “Tick Tock on the Block”


Granny’s Rose

Hello all my blog followers! So this week I have taken my learning project for ECMP355 to the next level! I felt like after my last post, it was time to challenge myself and see what I could do with the skills I have gained related to shading with stain.  Continue reading “Granny’s Rose”

It Ain’t Gonna Grain No More!

Well isn’t this exciting?! Things have really started to take a turn for the better! After taking some time and doing a little reading, I sat down and did something that I am finally proud of in terms of my shading with stain learning project!

Continue reading “It Ain’t Gonna Grain No More!”

Spruced-Up Recording

Hey Everyone! So I though I would put a different spin on this week’s post and let you see my project in progress. This means that I got to test out my video editing skills as well as my shading with stain techniques! Continue reading “Spruced-Up Recording”

The Bleeding Tiger

Well, winter break has come and gone and it’s time to write about what I have been up to in terms of my learning project for ECMP355! I must say that going home to work on my project has inspired some creativeness in me…oh how I have missed being in my workshop for my woodworking projects!

Continue reading “The Bleeding Tiger”

Fancy Firewood

Alrighty! It seems like it has been forever since I posted anything about my ECMP learning project. Now that things have calmed down, or maybe it just seems that way because I am finished class for the week, I can actually sit down and tell you what is going on in regards to shading wood with stain.

Continue reading “Fancy Firewood”

Conflicts of Interest

Now that I have done some thinking around the results in my last post, It’s a Setup, I feel that there is one part I need to talk more about in terms of my research and what I actually learned from experimenting.

Continue reading “Conflicts of Interest”

It’s a Setup!

After watching a tutorial on shading wood with stain, I decided that I still had a bit of my own homework to do first, before I even attempt to make an image on wood. Continue reading “It’s a Setup!”

Shady Beginnings

Alright! We are finally off to the races! After winning a great debate, with myself, which lasted at least a week, I have finally decided what I should do for my learning project! Continue reading “Shady Beginnings”

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