Health – From the Grade 6/7 Blood-Borne Pathogens Unit

Lesson 1 Introduction and pre-assessment lesson

Lesson 2 Evaluating websites for their credibility

Inquiry Lesson Researching HIV and Hepatitis C to make an awareness advertisement

Lesson 4  Decision Making Scenarios – Using the acronym DECIDE

Lesson 6  Comparing HIV rates in Saskatchewan and Canada with graphs

Fluid Exchange Lesson Looking at the spread of infectious diseases with the fluid exchange game

Final Lesson Reflecting on personal growth in relation to the unit

Science – Grade 6

Flight – Separate lessons using the 5Es format

FL6.3 Engage Lesson Plan

FL6.3 Explore Lesson Plan

FL6.3 Explain Lesson Plan

FL6.3 Elaborate Lesson Plan

Diversity of Living Things

DL6.4 Adaptations


PE6.9 – Defensive Strategies


Writing Lesson – Canada’s Smartest Person

Grade 5 – Mind Portraits

Grade 6 – Gender Switching Strategy

Grade 7 – Website Credibility

Grade 8 – Juxtapositioning

Grade 9 – Gender Roles in the City of Ember

Problem Posing


CP6.10/7.11 – Christmas Cookies

CP6.3/7.3 – Monster Mash Music Video

CR7.2 – Virtual Tour: Art as Place


P8.1 Pizza Hut Prices

SS7.1 – Circumfrence

N7.6 – Subtracting Integers Using a Number Line