At first I was a little disappointed that I had been put into a grade two classroom instead of a grade six to nine classroom. However, after the first half an hour, on my first day, in the classroom my opinion changed. At first, it was somewhat a shock when I saw their size and I wondered how I was going to explain things to them so that they understood. Soon after, I saw that they are truly intelligent individuals with a wide range of abilities. For me my biggest personal and professional goal as an educator is relationships. That is what is important in developing a positive learning environment. When the students feel they are worth your time they try harder and learn more due to that effort. Working with Soula really strengthened this idea for me. Not only has she created excellent relationships with the students but also with the parents. She knows what her students like and need and she constantly keeps the parents involved. I feel that is one of the most important things to do that positively affects the childrens’ learning. Get the parents involved and keep them and their students excited about the material. More so, I did have a couple opportunities to work with older students to see if that is what I r012.jpgeally want. However, I walk away from this experience still undecided about whether the middle years program is the place for me. I was only in those classrooms for a
couple hours. In that time it is hard to get to know the students and see how they really interact and behave. What I definitely know is that teaching is something I would like. Working with children brings a forever changing career where each day is new and different. When in the classroom I can not only be a teacher but I also have to be a friend. Every student has emotions and the environment should be a place where it is okay to show that. Another one of my main goals as a teacher is to make learning as fun as possible. When it is fun the students get more engaged with the activity and they learn more. The classroom does not have to be a boring place. Overall, my involvement in the classroom these seven times allowed me to work on classroom relationships, problem solving, and observe from another perspective. As well, I have been able develop teaching skills, and my own beliefs as a teacher. As an education student, I feel my field placement has been very inspiring, both personally and professionally.